Monday, April 26, 2010

Mercedes Benz S600L W220 - Japan Tuning 2009

so amazing indeed. if i were to get a benz it would be like this one.


so on saturday i decided to change my whiny powersteering pump. well... i changed it with a pump that a got from a friend and that pump was equally as bad as mine. so my friend calls up checkers to see if they had a pump. They said they had a second pump but it turns out they didnt and this has got to be the 2nd time that this has happened to me. 1st time they told me they had the lower radiator that i needed but when i went to the store they had none. just goes to show how many of their employees actually care about their jobs. so i have pretty much boycotted going to checkers (oreilly as they call it now) and just order stuff from rockauto. they always have good deals and are really on it. i have always gotten things within a week. soooo if you guys are looking to get oem replacement parts go to rockauto! unless you really need it and checkers "says" they have it then go to them. ah enough ranting. i just want to drive.